Reasons for a failed driver's license check

The following causes can cause a driver's license test to fail:

1. Defective display: Cracks or cracks in the display of the smartphone used can mean that the easycheck test label cannot be read reliably. In this case, the test should be performed with a different device.

2. Displays with armored glass: With certain devices, armored glass on the display can lead to the desired signal not being recognized by the additional layer. In this case, too, a test with a different device is recommended.

3. User error during the checking process: The finger movement to check the easycheck label was not carried out correctly. You can find tips for the optimal test procedure here

4. Use of a different driver's license: The driver's license check was carried out with a different label code than the one stored in the system. A check is therefore not possible in order to reliably exclude attempts at manipulation.

5. Outdated smartphone: The smartphone used for the test is outdated and not compatible with easycheck technology.

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