Are edding products maintained in the IMDS database?

The purpose of the IMDS, according to the homepage of the database on the Internet, is the electronic collection of the data on the composition of the vehicle parts used in the production of the vehicles, which have an influence on the recyclability of the vehicle. Quote:

"In the IMDS database ( all IMDS data of a vehicle part relevant for recycling can be collected in the form of material data sheets.".

Consequently, only those materials that remain in the vehicle are relevant. However, the markers supplied by edding are not installed in the vehicles, so they do not remain in the vehicles as "vehicle parts". They therefore have no relevance for the recycling of the vehicles and are therefore not subject to the scope of the IMDS.

However, if it is assumed that a point on the vehicle may be marked with a marker in the vehicle manufacturing process and the dyes used in the markers remain in the vehicle until the end of the vehicle's life, the quantity of this dye is negligible. The dye residues obviously have no influence on the recyclability of the vehicle. Information on the dyes in the markers is therefore not relevant for vehicle recycling. For this reason too, the markers supplied by edding do not fall within the scope of the IMDS.

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