What do I need to know before using an edding (gloss) paint marker?

edding (gloss) paint markers (e.g. the edding 750 gloss paint marker) and edding matt paint markers (e.g. the edding 4000 matt paint marker) produce excellent coverage by using inks with large pigment particles. In contrast with traditional fibre pens, as the ink can’t be held in the filter it’s stored in a reservoir located in the marker barrel. The ink is pumped to the nib using a sophisticated valve system.

That's why the (gloss) paint markers and matt paint markers must be activated before being used for the first time as follows:

Instruction video:

In isolated cases, it’s possible that the delicate nib of the paint marker can become damaged – from writing on rough surfaces, perhaps, or from dust on the surface being worked on blocking up the fine channels in the nib. That’s why the nib was designed to be replaced easily. We offer replacement nibs for the edding 750, the edding 780 and the edding 751 (gloss) paint marker.

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