When I use edding permanent spray, the paint ends up running. How can I avoid this?

Spray in both directions, from side to side and up and down, always starting and finishing away from the object you're painting. Depress the sprayhead firmly as you move and slowly move the spray can back and forth with even strokes. This is the best way to achieve a good spray pattern. Furthermore, you'll also avoid applying too much paint which can result in drips and runs. Don’t spray too close to the object. Guidance on the correct spraying distance can be found on the product label; usually, it is 15-25 cm. The ideal temperature for spray painting is between 15°C and 25°C (room temperature). The temperature of the paint can, the object to be painted and the surroundings should all be within this range. Don’t aim for smooth, complete coverage at the first go; it’s better to spray several thin coats than a single thick one.

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