Does edding offer low-corrosion, low-halogen or low-chloride markers?

Low-corrosion inks contain only very low concentrations of ingredients that may cause corrosion (a reaction with metal). The terms “low-corrosion”, “low-halogen” and “low-chloride” are frequently used synonymously with each other; however, “corrosion” is the generic term for the other two terms. “Low-halogen” is the collective term for the four halogens that are more frequently linked with the topic "corrosion" than other elements. One of these four halogens is chloride.

The specialist markers below may be recommended for low-corrosion labelling as they were developed specifically for nuclear, aerospace and marine applications:

Should you have any other specific ink requirements, e.g. heat resistance, that are not met by either of these two markers, please contact us for assistance. It is actually highly unlikely that any of our other markers without low-corrosion properties would cause corrosion. Usually, it is atmospheric moisture or weather conditions that cause damage to metal.

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