Can you use the edding 8902 wooden floor repair wax kit to repair other surfaces such as PVC flooring?

Our tests were carried out on wood and laminate.
PVC flooring is a very general term. Synthetic floor coverings such as linoleum, PVC and vinyl were not tested, and the quality of the end results may vary greatly.
With a soft, flexible covering the wax can sometimes come off again. One factor to consider is the depth of the repair; very small, flat repairs don’t adhere as well as deep ones. The relevant question to ask here is how nuch stress will the repaired areas be subject to?

Durability for a thin, floating vinyl floor installation will not be as good as for flooring where the whole area is glued down.
The wax cannot bond as strongly to smooth synthetic material as it can to wood or laminate flooring.

It can work, but unfortunately we can’t guarantee this.

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