How do I refill my edding marker and how much ink will I need? Which refill inks can I use?

The product detail pages on our website indicate which edding products are refillable. Whether a particular product is refillable is also indicated on the barrel of the edding marker.
When it comes to refilling, it’s important to know whether the edding marker should be unscrewed or remain sealed.
To use the secure capillary system, simply stand the marker nib downwards in the refill bottle and leave for at least one hour, or ideally overnight. After this time the marker will be ready to write again.
To use the drop system, unscrew the neck of the barrel and drip the ink into the barrel opening using the drop dispenser.
Depending on how empty the pen is, most refillable permanent, whiteboard and flipchart markers will take 1-2 ml ink (50-100 drops) to recharge. For the broader models, such as the edding 800 permanent marker, approx. 4-6 ml (200-300 drops) will be required.
The refill quantities stated are guidelines only. We can’t give a general rule of thumb for optimum refill quantities, unfortunately, because the problem here is that the perception of when a pen is “running out of ink” is very subjective. What may seem like an empty pen to you may be considered by another user as “fit for use”, which means that refilling takes place at completely different points in time and this has an effect on the amount of refill ink required.
Please note that for technical reasons not all our products are refillable.

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