What can I do to prevent my lettering or design from fading too soon?

To achieve a really durable result it’s best to use edding pens containing pigment ink. It's the pigments that cause the colours to appear so intense and vibrant on many different backgrounds.

What’s so good about edding pigment inks? The tiny colour particles don’t dissolve completely in the ink. The very fine particles remain, and once applied to a surface they're far less affected by sunlight than dissolved dye-based inks. This means that they guarantee very good resistance to light. Any marking, labelling, decorating or colouring using pigment ink will therefore be colour-fast and won't t fade at all – or only very slowly. Choosing the right edding product obviously depends on the type of material you want to write on or design.

We offer several products for designing on paper which have pigmented ink and many stroke widths to cater for all sorts of creative ideas. It’s just as important with textiles to use textile markers and textile pens with a pigment-based ink and to fix the design by ironing it well to prevent fading, because textiles are obviously heavily exposed to UV light. When using our edding Permanent Sprays, the acrylic paint is already very lightfast but you can enhance the light-resistance of the final result by applying a coat of clear lacquer on top.

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