What can I do if the ink from my edding marker becomes faint?

Many of the edding markers write with what we call pigment-based ink. Its thanks to these pigments that the ink shows up strong and vibrant on a range of different backgrounds and, in the case of the edding textile markers and textile pens, with bright, intense colours on textiles, too.

So what are pigments?

Pigments are tiny colour particles distributed throughout the ink. If the marker is stored for a length of time with the nib pointing upwards, these particles will settle at the bottom of the ink reservoir. When the marker is used again the ink may appear somewhat pale. Our tip: store the edding marker the opposite way round, i.e. with the nib downwards, for about 1 hour. It’s generally best to always store the pens horizontally. Where we consider this essential for a certain type of pen, this will be stated on the marker itself.

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