What causes the paint to wrinkle ("lift") when I use edding 5200 permanent spray?

You can only paint over synthetic resin paint with another layer of synthetic resin paint. That's because the solvents in synthetic resin paint evaporate slowly, whereas the solvents in quicker-drying acrylic paints evaporate quickly. So, if you apply a coat of quick-drying acrylic paint over a synthetic resin paint, the solvents in the acrylic paint start to dissolve the layer underneath. And since quick-drying acrylic paint surface dries faster than the dissolved synthetic resin underneath, the paintwork swells up and forms unwanted wrinkles. When covering synthetic resin paint with synthetic resin paint, this should be applied either within 2 hours after the first coat or after 24 hours have elapsed. If not, the same paint-lifting effect will occur.

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