How can driver data be managed?

The administration of your driver and test data takes place automatically in the web-based management cockpit. This means that new drivers can be created manually or conveniently via data import, test intervals can be set individually and relevant statistics and reports can be called up.

How do I create a new driver?

1. Select Create new driver

2. Fill in the mandatory fields marked with an *:

The following fields must be filled in at least:

  1. First name
  2. Surname
  3. e-mail address
  4. Corporate or occasional drivers
  5. Individual test interval
  6. Label code assigned to the driver

3. Optionally, you can add the following information to the driver file:

  1. Driver's license type: paper or card driver's license *
  2. Expiration date of the driver's license
  3. Free comment field, e.g. for driving license classes

* If the type of driver's license is unknown, the field can be left blank and the driver chooses his type of driver's license himself during the first inspection. This only affects the instructions displayed to him during the test.

4. Click on Save Driver Profile

The driver now appears in the driver overview and is highlighted in blue as a newly created driver:

Attention: The first check of a new driver in the system must be triggered manually once before he comes into a regular check interval. Read about this: How do I request a driver's license check?

What is the difference between company car drivers and casual drivers?

At easycheck, company car drivers are those who have a driver's license with an edding test label and thus regularly provide evidence of a valid driver's license through a digital driver's license check. This can include both drivers with a dedicated company car and users of pool vehicles.

In contrast, occasional drivers do not receive an edding test label and only use a company vehicle in exceptional cases. They provide proof of a valid driver's license via a manual visual inspection, which is documented just as securely and sustainably with a click in the management cockpit as with company car drivers.

How do I request a driver's license check?

A request for a digital driver's license check can be triggered in various ways. For new drivers who have the status Created in the system, a one-time check must be requested before they go into a regular check interval.

1. Send the request to a single driver

Go to driver overview . Search for the driver using the search bar or the sort function and click on the corresponding name to open his digital driver file.

Select Request FS Control and confirm your selection.

The driver immediately receives an email asking him to verify his driver's license. If this was a new driver with the status Created , he changes the status to Requested and in the future will automatically receive a request according to the test interval you have specified.

2. Send request to multiple drivers

You also have the option of triggering a driver's license check for several drivers at the same time.

To do this, go to Driver overview .

You can expand the list by increasing the number of lines per page.

You have the option of selecting all the displayed drivers at the same time in the box next to the Last Name column heading or of selecting individual drivers in the same column.


As soon as the desired drivers are marked, you can trigger a request for a driver's license control via Request FS control. This works as shown in the example for both new and existing drivers with a valid driver's license control.

What information does the digital driver file contain?

All information and processes relating to individual drivers are stored in the respective digital driver file.

You can reach this by selecting the name of a driver in the driver overview.

The window that now opens offers you the following information:

  1. Registered master data: name, email address, company or occasional driver
  2. Current status of the driver's license control, as well as, if necessary, the UVV driver instruction
  3. Status of whether the driver is active and optional start of inactivity
  4. Driver's license data: inspection interval, label code, type of driver's license, expiry date of the driver's license
  5. Possible activities related to the driver
  6. Timeline of all relevant incidents relating to the driver, in particular initiated, carried out and failed driver's license checks and UVV instructions

How do I change a driver's data afterwards?

1. Go to Driver overview and search for the relevant driver by sorting or using the search function.

2. Click on the name to go to the digital driver file

3. Click on the three dots as shown and select Edit driver file  4. You can now edit all master data, add comments and assign a new label code to the driver

5. Press Save Driver Profile to apply the changes. By clicking on ads, you return to the view of the driver file.

How is driver data deleted?

The system offers you two options for deleting driver data:

1. Deletion of the driver directly in the digital driver file

  • Call up the driver's digital driver file by clicking on the relevant name in the driver overview
  • Click on the symbol with the three dots to the right of "General contact details"
  • Select the option "Delete driver file" and confirm your entry

2. Deleting several drivers in the driver overview

  • Switch to the "Driver overview" section
  • Click in the tick box to the left of "Last Name". All drivers on the displayed page are automatically marked.
  • Click on "Delete"

How can I download driver and test data?

The system offers you two options for downloading driver or driver's license control data:

1. Download individual driver files

  • Go to the driver overview and search for the relevant driver by sorting or using the search function.
  • Click on the name to go to the digital driver file
  • Select the three points as shown and click Download File
  • A PDF opens that you can download and save

2. Overview of the controls carried out by all drivers

  • Select the Administration area
  • Click on Download area in the horizontal menu bar
  • Select a period for which you would like to download the driver's license checks that have taken place

  • Click Export on the right
  • A PDF opens that you can download and save

How can easycheck test labels be reordered?

New easycheck test labels can be ordered directly in the management cockpit:

1. Go to the "Administration" section and select the "Reorder label" tab
2. Enter the desired number of easycheck test labels and your address data
3. Click on "Submit order"
4. Your test labels will be sent to you within 3 working days

What do the check statuses in the dashboard mean?

In addition to the total number of drivers recorded in the system, the management cockpit distinguishes between four different test statuses:

Checks not started: Drivers who have already been created in the system, but for whom a request for a driver's license check has not yet been sent.

Pending checks: drivers to whom a request for a driver's license check has already been sent, but this has not yet been carried out.

Unsuccessful checks: drivers who have not carried out a check even after several weeks or for whom a check was not possible. Reasons for failed controls can be found [see "Reasons for failed controls"]

Drivers with successful control: Drivers who have already successfully carried out the driver's license control.

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