What are the advantages of acrylic paint over synthetic resin paint?

The outstanding characteristics of acrylic paints are their shorter drying times (dust-dry in 1-3 minutes instead of 30, tack-free in 10 minutes instead of 180) and a harder surface finish. Acrylic paint can be resprayed wth acrylic paint at any time, whereas synthetic resin paint can only be reapplied within 2 hours or after 24 hours. Once completely dry, you can spray over acrylic paints with other types of paints, but this is not the case for synthetic resin as it will "lift". Other advantages of acrylic paint are a significantly higher resistance to yellowing, better corrosion protection when combined with the appropriate primer, higher resistance to cleaning agents and environmental influences, plus significantly better mechanical properties such as scratch resistance, hardness and elasticity.

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