Can you use nail polish remover to clean the tips of the edding 5400 Double Liner?

We generally recommend cleaning the tip of the acrylic 3D Double Liner regularly after use, e.g. with a kitchen towel and a little water if necessary. As long as the colour has not dried, it is still water-soluble. Nail polish remover is usually only relevant for inks containing solvents. We do not recommend cleaning with nail polish remover. As there are very different qualities on the market, we cannot guarantee that the liquid will not also attack the tip. With Basis ACETON, dissolving of the materials can start very quickly -> this would be possible, for example, with the acrylic 3D Double Liner on the plastic. Please carefully remove stubborn drying that may occur inside the fine tips after a longer period of non-use manually with a small object (e.g. paper clip).

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